The Taub Law Firm, P.C

Brandon Dunham

The Taub Law Firm is a real team. Christian Grim, Esq. was extremely helpful, encouraging and insightful during the discovery stage of my case. Elliot Taub, the firm’s senior partner, put in the finishing touches and achieved a very favorable settlement through his extensive negotiations. They work hard, together and in the best interests of their client. They are a winning combination and I strongly recommend them.

Magdy Ahmedroshdi

Almost 20 years ago Elliot Taub represented my wife and me for injuries in a car accident. He did a great job and our case was resolved quickly to our satisfaction. So when I was involved in a more serious accident in 2016 I contacted him again and am so glad that I did. He obtained an amazing result which will insure the financial future for my entire family. I am so grateful to Mr. Taub and his staff for their caring, dedication, and skill leading a fantastic result at mediation. I highly recommend Elliot and his firm.

Melanie C

I was recently in a car accident and called Taub, they were great! All my calls were answered, there were no unexpected fees, and the case was settled promptly and with a great result! Thank you for all you did! I would recommend this firm to anyone who has been in a car accident and needs good legal help!


Just as I was about to select a jury on 12/3/18 our client’s case settled for a substantial sum making our client very happy.

This case had been pending for almost 4 years and was hotly contested on both liability and damages. The client was so appreciative of not only our legal representation but the personal touches and attention we showed that she wrote the attached thank you note and delivered it to me yesterday.

Could you please include this on our website and also on our page for Google responses by clients? It would be greatly appreciated. In 40 years of practice I have never received such a sweet, warm and personal note from a client. It makes me feel good that I touched someone else’s life in a personal manner and that personal injury law is not only about the monetary aspect.