On February 19, 2015 a $120,000 settlement for a 48 year old woman who slipped and fell on ice and snow negligently removed by the New York City Housing Authority.

On January 27, 2011 our client was walking home from the store to a public housing development where she lived. At the time agents of the New York City Housing Authority were clearing the remnants of another major snowstorm from the sidewalks surrounding the development using a small front-end loader commonly called a bobcat. The Housing Authority assigned only two employees to operate the bobcat – a driver and a spotter to avoid collisions with pedestrians. No additional personnel was in the area to assist with the clearing of snow and ice not removed by the bobcat. The Housing Authority previously cleared only a narrow path on the interior walkways of the development and as the bobcat cleared the snow from the sidewalks, the entrance to the path that led to Ms. David’s building became blocked by snow.

As our client attempted to negotiate the mound of snow blocking the path, she slipped and fell and tore her ACL. After four months of physical therapy, surgery was performed to repair her torn ACL. Throughout litigation, the Housing Authority denied any liability and refused to make any but the most meager offers.

On the eve of trial and after numerous delays by Defendants, the Housing Authority began meaningful negotiations due to our tireless efforts on behalf of our client and a settlement was reached for $120,000.