On August 25, 2010 our client settled her action against the City of New York for$300,000. The action was commenced on behalf of her late husband, who, between September 22, 2006 and September 25, 2006, while incarcerated at the Eric M. Taylor Center, 10-10 Hazen Street, Rikers Island, Bronx, New York, was mistreated by Defendant’s staff and faculty. Said individuals, who were acting in their scope of employment as agents and employees of the City of New York, failed to place Plaintiff’s decedent into a medical unit to be treated for his hypertension, despite all relevant Court documents and instructions dictating that same must be done to preserve Plaintiff’s life. As a result, Plaintiff’s decedent suffered horrific pain and suffering and his ultimate demise after some three (3) days of being denied the proper medical treatment.