On June 10, 2010, a $325,000 settlement was reached during private mediation on behalf of our client, who, at age 63, on September 3, 2008, was struck by a school bus while crossing 21st Ave. at 79th Street, Queens, NY. The defendant bus driver, preoccupied with viewing traffic, failed to timely see Plaintiff in order to avoid contact and only applied his brake when the matron on the bus uttered a warning. As a result, our client sustained multiple fractured ribs, a fracture left clavicle, and small avulsion fracture of the right olecranon (elbow). Following her one day ER visit she was hospitalized a month later for a hemothorax (collapsed lung) which required drainage of left pleural effusion and thorascopic decortication. Plaintiff claimed that the residuals effect with her clavicle and ribs were permanent and that she may need surgery on her left shoulder.