On 4/28/06 an $800,000 pre-trial settlement was reached after Plaintiff obtained partial summary judgment on liability under Labor Law §240(1), where Plaintiff, a 63-year-old laborer, while helping ironworkers secure a heavy I-beam on the roof of a residential three apartment building in Manhattan, stepped backwards and onto an unprotected skylight causing him to fall to the next level. He sustained a partial tear of the left rotator cuff; subacromial synovitis and bursitis necessitating that he under synovectomy, bursectomy, and acromioplasty, excision of CA ligament and shaving of the cuff during arthroscopic surgery; Internal and external jugular vein lacerations requiring surgical repair; Left wrist triangular fibro-cartilage tear; Cervical radiculopathy, Right elbow laceration; and extensive scarring and permanent cosmetic deformities of the neck, left shoulder, and left elbow.