On 5/31/00, structured settlement with a present value of $2,500,000 resulting in total future payout of $5,000,000 ($1,496,022 upfront with remainder paid monthly increasing with period increments and lump sums every 5 years from 2005 until 2025) and waiver of approximate $250,000 workers’ compensation lien for 46-year-old undocumented immigrant laborer who fell from a roof under construction and sustained a linear skull fracture, fractured nasal bones, multiple fractures of the maxillary and frontal sinuses, bilateral fractured orbits, dislocation of the right radial head; transverse fracture of the right proximal ulna, Grade II comminuted fracture of the right elbow; fracture right distal radius; fracture rib. Plaintiff had open reduction internal fixation on both elbows. Partial Summary Judgment on liability under Labor Law §240(1) had previously been granted on motion.